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About Us

Dementia care
  1. We committed to genuinely provide quality service to help our clients lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

  2. We carefully assessing every single client needs and selectively trained personnel to meet these needs.


To provide home care services that will meet the social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of clients and families in the community.”

Core Values
and Beliefs
  1. Treating and interacting with our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity, while recognizing confidentiality of client information.

  2. Recognizing that client satisfaction is the critical benchmark of our success, measured by attracting new clients and retaining our existing clients.

  3. Showing respect for all cultures, religions, and ethnicities

  4. Recruiting, training, and retaining competent staff. Supporting, recognizing, and appreciating our staff, who are our greatest asset.

  5. Believing that excellence is an essential means of sustaining our values in a competitive marketplace

Professional Dementia Care Services across Sacramento CA, Elk Grove CA, and Folsom CA 

It’s heartbreaking to see your loved one suffer from a debilitating disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. You then have to make sure that their needs are addressed all the time. However, caregiving for someone with such conditions can become all-consuming and physically and emotionally exhausting, especially if you have other loved ones to take care to. This is where the role of professional caregivers becomes even more important. It can make a big difference to your life and more so, to the quality of life of your sickly loved one, when you hire a trusted dementia care provider for them.

Dementia care services

The Trusted Dementia Care Services in and around Sacramento CA, Elk Grove CA, and Folsom CA

At In-Your Home, we offer quality, compassionate, but affordable dementia care services for those in the areas of Sacramento CA, Elk Grove CA, Folsom CA, Vacaville CA, Stockton CA, and Roseville CA. Our caregivers are experienced and skilled to administer professional dementia care program designed to improve the overall wellbeing of our patients despite their illness. Whether it’s a short-term care or a long-term care that your or your family needs, we can customize our existing dementia care services to suit your needs and preferences. Rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands and that they can still have a dignified and meaningful life despite their condition. Again, we cater to individuals and families in and around Sacramento CA, Elk Grove CA, Folsom CA, Vacaville CA, Stockton CA, and Roseville CA.

Compassionate Dementia Care Services in Roseville CA, Vacaville CA, Stockton CA, and other areas

We know how stressful and taxing dementia care or Alzheimer’s care can be. As such, it is best to entrust your loved ones with these debilitating conditions to the hands of professional and certified caregivers. More than just providing you relief, caregivers are trained to address the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual needs of sickly individuals. And here at In-Your Home Care, we offer an array of dementia care services as well as other senior home care services designed to improve the wellbeing of our patients and provide respite to the caring family members. Call us now and we’ll be happy to answer your queries about the works that we’ve been doing. Right now, we service Sacramento CA, Elk Grove CA, Folsom CA, Vacaville CA, Stockton CA, and Roseville CA. 

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