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What do you do for your parents when they start getting older? Give them a helping hand with Concierge Senior Services.

In-Your Home LLC is a senior concierge and lifestyle management organization based in Sacramento, CA. We offer customized services according to your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Professional senior concierge service experts always strive to exceed expectations and provide a simple and highly personalized service.

In today's society, we recognize the value of time. That is why we handle all the research, planning, booking, and handling on your behalf, allowing you to relax and enjoy your life.


Concierge services can quickly get the things you want or need to be done without having to do them yourself.


​​Companionship and Transportation Service

Our companionship and transportation service is the ideal game-changer! To halt the consequences of aging, our caregivers can support mental and physical wellness.


Social Assistance

Introducing social assistance, which provides help with concierge services, from booking tickets to making reservations. Whether you need help with


Wellness Appointments

We have caregivers that can accompany senior in their trips ( Local or out of country), cruise and other wellness appointments.


Appointment  Assistance

Appointment  Assistance – our caregivers can stay with you the entire time for your scheduled procedure and doctors’ appointment


Home Assistance

We can also assist with pet care, organize home, write letters, pay bills and gardening


Professional Nursing Assistance

We have professional nurse that can come to your home or hotel  after surgery to provide care for multiple dressing, drains and pain management.

Contact us

Senior living doesn't have to be boring! Give us a call, and we'll take care of all the little things.

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