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What are CPR and AED?

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is combined with CPR to save a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. CPR may be the last remaining life-saving method in cases where a person's breathing and heartbeat have stopped. CPR and AED use differ from one another, though.


Automated external defibrillators are referred to as AEDs. It is a device for administering CPR. After breathing stops, it is an electronic device that resumes a person's regular heartbeat. The heart is shocked by the AED. The use of an AED and CPR can make a victim more resilient. Staff must get CPR and AED training at work to assist heart victims.


To respond quickly and effectively to a cardiac emergency, employees must receive CPR and AED training. It's easy and convenient to receive  AED and CPR certification training, which will give you the confidence to provide CPR with AED professional services:


  • There will be a greater emphasis on safety among all employees, reducing the number of accidents at work.

  • Knowing how to perform CPR and use an AED can save lives, especially when injuries and quick action is required. Safety education provides the confidence and information needed to handle emergencies calmly and confidently.

  •  Employees who have received CPR and AED certification will be familiar with using the AED and the most recent emergency procedures.

  •  CPR and AED are critical skills to learn because emergencies can happen everywhere, not just at the workplace.

  • Although the safety training courses are inexpensive, they will significantly contribute to your workplace's overall health and safety.



People can live free from additional fear, danger, or harm with the proper training in first aid CPR AED administration. People become more conscious of their lifestyle habits and choices to reduce the likelihood of developing difficulties when they have sufficient knowledge of health and safety. We encourage everyone to serve one another without letting hesitation, inconvenience, or expense stand in the way. There is no better moment to pick up new knowledge that might help save lives.

Our professional first aid, CPR, and AED  training teaches people what to do in first aid emergencies rather than allowing them to act as first aiders.


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