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Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

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Why Do We Need Pediatric First AID/CPR/AED Training?

As parents, we want to do everything we can to safeguard our kids. We frequently consider our children's health in terms of regular doctor appointments, a safe car seat, wholesome food, etc. But another crucial element in ensuring the health and safety of your child is first aid and CPR training!

Understanding the basics of first aid and CPR could save your child's life if the unimaginable happens. The best way to keep your child as safe as possible is to take a parent first aid course that covers infant and pediatric CPR.


It's very common to panic in an emergency, especially if your child is involved. However, an immediate, effective response is crucial in a medical emergency. You're less likely to become paralyzed in these life-or-death circumstances if you have a strong foundation in CPR and first aid. Instead, you'll be able to recollect your training and be well-prepared! Your child will have the best chance of recovering fully if you maintain your composure, make wise decisions, and offer them the proper care.

Importance Of Pediatric First AID/CPR/AED Training?

Gaining these abilities could help you save your child's life:

You will be equipped with valuable abilities for handling various emergency scenarios if you obtain pediatric CPR and first aid certification. For instance, pediatric first aid and CPR classes will include saving a choking child. Over 90% of deaths caused by foreign objects, according to the AHA, involve children under the age of five. After taking a training course, you'll be prepared to act in case your child chokes, which might be the difference between life and death.


At home, accidents are prone to occur.:

Your child is in the hands of adults who have probably gotten pediatric first aid and CPR certification themselves while at school, daycare, or other activities. What about at home, though? Every year, accidents at home claim the lives of over 2,000 kids under 14.



Pediatric first aid and CPR training is an excellent alternative for new parents, preschool personnel, daycare staff, childcare workers, and babysitters. We'll go over all the essential information and instruction you require to be ready for a pediatric emergency. At our offices, we provide a variety of class times and dates. To understand how to lessen the danger of an accident at home, our pediatric first aid and CPR course also cover safety best practices and preventative measures.


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