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In-Home Personal Service

Age brings extraordinary wisdom and perspective, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Our compassionate carers at In-Your Home LLC can provide you with the perfect kind of assistance whenever you need it, whether you need extra help around the house or would like a companion to join you on frequent outings and daily activities. Because each person is unique, we will create a care plan that considers your needs. We make sure it's the ideal fit for you, your objectives, and the way of life you want to lead.


In-Home Personal care services are practical assistance with essential daily tasks that a person cannot complete independently. These services, also known as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (IADLs), are frequently sufficient to permit a person to stay in their current residence rather than move into assisted living or a nursing home.

Our Personal Home Care Services

With the ultimate goal of assisting you in maintaining independent living in your senior years, your care plan is created to address your unique daily problems, lifestyle objectives, and other personal requirements. This implies that you will directly influence how it functions, along with your family. It begins with an initial care assessment conducted by one of our registered nurses and client care managers. They will conveniently meet with you and your relatives to learn more about your lifestyle, habits, health conditions, specific concerns, challenges around completing daily tasks, and what you’re looking for in a caregiver. Once we get to know you better, we will consider all this information carefully before designing a care plan you are comfortable with. 


Although every client is unique, in general, our home care service includes helping you with the following tasks:

Daily household tasks

  • Routine home chores

  • Early morning assistance getting out of bed

  • Assistance with showering, using the restroom, and grooming

  • Help to get ready for appointments and get dressed

  • Assistance with meal preparation and cooking

  • General housecleaning and laundry

  • General movement throughout the home


Benefits Of In-Home Personal Service​

The advantages of this form of in-home care versus assisted living or nursing facilities are numerous.

Ability to Stay at Home

Most older people would significantly prefer to age in place if they can still benefit from the companionship that personal care services offer. Help with modest duties can frequently be sufficient to enable an older person to live safely and comfortably at home for years.

Lower Cost

While there are costs associated with personal home care, they are typically much lower than those of assisted living or nursing homes.

Personalized Needs

Personal care attendants can concentrate on the client's specific needs. Every circumstance is unique; some call for round-the-clock care, while others only need assistance for a few hours each day.

Enhanced Quality of Life

We have discovered that personal care services enable our senior customers to reside at home, maintain freedom, and develop strong relationships with their caregivers.

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