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Senior Care

It is a good and empowering idea to be able to assist your loved one in choosing to live in their own home rather than a supplemental staffing facility. Even though aging might be stressful, it can be especially difficult for parents. Over time, the parent—who has likely spent their entire life raising a child—becomes the one in need of assistance.

Crossing that line, however, is challenging and opens both the parent and the adult kid up to a wide range of feelings and emotions. Understandably, older folks might desire to maintain their independence by staying in their houses. Their house is a haven of security and comfort for them. It's a comfortable setting that makes you feel in charge and at ease. The recollections of time spent at home with family and loved ones are numerous. A parent who is adamant about living independently may not desire a fight with their adult child. However, there can be a time when a parent's safety and welfare require a change in living arrangements.


It can be tricky to manage role reversals and to determine precisely when and how much assistance an aging parent needs. Senior home care service includes professional support that allows a person to live actively and safely in their home.


Personal Services

Our caregivers are experts in Safety in assisting your loved ones with bathing, dressing, incontinence care/toileting, and mobility assistance. Our services make it easier for the older population to complete their daily tasks.


Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias Care

Our Caregivers are well-trained in managing behaviors, encouraging engagement, assisting with Activities of Daily Living, and keeping your loved one safe.


Care for Serious Conditions

Our caregivers are trained to document and recognize changes that may occur and know Senior care consultation services that how to escalate issues to professional medical


Hospice Support

We have professional and compassionate support services that provide home respite care services for family caregivers. Keeping seniors involved in various activities can give them the support they need to lead happy and active lives.

About Us

Taking care of a sickly loved one, or already senior parents may be mentally and physically demanding if you also fulfill other responsibilities. It is, therefore, essential to take a break from time to time to recharge yourself and ensure that you’ll be able to give the best care for your loved ones. Here at In-Your Home Care, we offer an array of services designed to improve the well-being of our patients and provide respite to caring family members. We offer quality, compassionate, affordable Senior care management service to meet clients' and families' social, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs in the community. Call us now, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries about the work that we’ve been doing.

When should you Consider Senior care service?


Let's say your relative has trouble moving around and getting to places. Seeing them struggle with routine duties like doing the laundry, having a bath, washing the dishes, and putting out the trash makes you worry about them staying home. Fortunately, our service enables seniors with transportation, mobility, and cognitive limitations to receive the help they require without leaving the comfort of their homes. An elderly person needs assistance if:


  • Your inquiries won't receive a clear response from them 

  • You observe them having difficulty performing everyday duties for themselves, including cooking or housework.

  • When you enter their house, foul odors come from filthy bathrooms or unkempt trash cans.


Personal attention is being given with the utmost regard and sensitivity. We will gladly assist your loved one with daily tasks so you can spend precious time together. These projects are among the ones we offer.


  • Companionship & Socializing

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Help driving to and from doctor appointments & errands

  • Grocery shopping

  • Senior Counseling service

  • Laundry

  • Social activities on a needs basis

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